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Macdonald Racing are pleased to announce that they are officially a part of  "Team Dirt Dog". We are now a distributor of Dirt Dog Gear merchandise supplying quality Shirts and Hoodies. They also promote, sponsor and report dirt motorsports events and racers around the world via Dirt Dog TV on Facebook & YouTube and Team Dirt Dog on Twitter & Instagram.

Here is a sample of the shirts we will have in stock soon. Other styles to follow shortly. To pre order, please contact Peter Macdonald, our Dirt Dog Gear merchandise Manager via email:  pj.mac@live.com.au or phone on 0419 759 296.

Our first shipment should be here within a few weeks. Keep an eye on the Macdonald Racing facebook page or website for further updates.

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Small up to 5XL
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Sizes small up to 2Xl
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Sizes small to 2Xl
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Sizes small to 2Xl

Sizes small up to 2Xl

Limited edition (only available from Dirt Dog Gear distributors) Sizes small to 2Xl


Limited edition (only available from Dirt Dog Gear distributors)Sizes small to 2Xl



Macdonald regains Queensland Title

Wednesday April 10, 2013
No track time, no worries. Shane MacDonald might have been lacking track time leading into the 2012Ė13 season Queensland Modified Sedan Title at South Burnett Speedway in Kingaroy last weekend, but that didnít stop him from taking out the event for the second time in his career.



MacDonald second in Australian Title again

Tuesday April 2, 2013
For the second season in a row, Nathan MacDonald has finished one spot shy of the Australian Modified Sedan Title win. Last weekend on his home track, Charlton Raceway in Toowoomba, Queensland, he finished in second place on the podium behind winner Aidan Raymont. 


Nathan on the gas during his heat race. Photo by Tracey-Lee Black Photography.

Shane in action during his first round of heats.  Photo by Tracey-Lee Black Photography.

The Release of the New Livery for 2012.

Macdonald Racing's New Promo Video. 


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Heat 1 from Kingaroy Speedway, Nathan's first heat win of the night. 

Be sure to check out our In-car videos from the weekend below!

Reflections of the Central Queensland Modified Production Title - Nathan Macdonald

Monday June 27, 2011
In what was Nathan's biggest win in his Modified Production career, Macdonald was victorious on the weekend taking out the CQ Title at Blackwater Speedway.  For something different, Nathan will recall all the action throughout the weekend, and how the win came about.  We started the 700km trip on Friday night to Blackwater, making it over half way up that night, we travelled the rest of the distance on Saturday.


Photo courtesy of - Sue Roza Trackside DVD's
PH: 0738628224 or 0417209317 or email me at Tracksidedvds@live.com.au


Shane's In-car video footage from Gympie Speedway 30/30 of his final heat 28th May 2011.

Nathan & Shane's In-car video footage from Gympie Speedway 30/30 Heats 1 & 2 28th May 2011.

Nathan's In-car video footage of the feature race at Charlton Raceway QLD Title. 30/05/11

Check out Nathan's in-car footage from Alexandra Speedway.

Lindsay Macdonald makes a return to Speedway in Shane's car at Charlton Raceway for a practice, a gesture from Shane and Nathan for all the work Dad puts into the race cars, thanks DAD!


27/11/10 Charlton Raceway, In-car highlights


Quick Results
Maryborough Speedway 30/10/10
Heat 1 - 3rd
Heat 2 - 5th
Heat 3 - 1st
Final - DNF

In-Car video highlights from Maryborough


Nathan's in-car video winning the feature race at Charlton Raceway 16/10/10.

In-car video heat race highlights of Nathan Macdonald at Charlton Raceway 16/10/10.


The last 5 laps of the 2009/2010 QLD Title.  Special thanks to Sue Roza from Trackside DVD's for the footage.
Sue Roza
Trackside DVD's
PH: 0738628224 or 0417209317 or email me at Tracksidedvds@live.com.au


Videos from the Tasmanian Trip have been uploaded, click on each link to view them on Youtube.

Australian Title Heat 1
Australian Title Heat 2
Australian Title Heat 3
Australian Title Heat 4
Australian Title A-Main Part 1
Australian Title A-Main Part 2

Tasmanian State Title Heat 2
Tasmanian State Title A-Main Part 1
Tasmanian State Title A-Main Part 1

Australian Title - Latrobe HEAT 1

Here is proof it does go!

Nathan Macdonald started his racing career at the age of 18, while he was in his final year of school.  Nathan relished the chance of acquiring a VL Commodore which was previously raced by his brother, Shane. Their father Lindsay, had raced the car for many years before that also.  Nathan met the harsh realities of racing on his very first night, with a terminal engine failure occurring in the very first heat, leaving him to sit on the hill for the rest of the night as another spectator.

Two weeks later Nathan was back with a fresh new motor and ready for the adrenalin of Speedway racing.  After sitting in the passenger seat of the car for three seasons, one with his father, and two with his brother, Nathan had picked up many techniques in his three years as a passenger.  From here on Nathan enjoyed the friendly comradary amongst new racing rivals, and began his first season with many a success, winning the next four feature races in a row, including two at Brisbane, one at Gladstone and Bundaberg Speedways.  Nathan claimed 10 Feature race wins in his Rookie season, as well as the East Coast A Grade QLD Title, seasonal point score and tri-series. The year saw Nathan take in 31events, including events at Charlton, Brisbane, Kingaroy, Rockhampton and Mackay.

A lengthy trip to Mackay saw Nathan up against fifty or more competitors, all vying for the $1000 prize money.  Nathan put in an awesome effort for the two night event and placed his car on pole position for the 40 lap final.  A steering failure saw Nathan pull onto the infield after several laps, but Macdonald was proud of what he had achieved, being his first appearance at the venue.

Success never comes without effort, as Nathan found out the hard way, encountering the concrete wall at his home track Charlton Raceway on several occasions.

Season 2004/2005 saw some stiff competition from Nathan's brother Shane, who built a brand new VS Commodore.  Nathan had a slow start to the season, after obtaining 8 second placings in the feature races, and winning 3 feature races.  Macdonald showed consistency at his home track, Charlton Raceway, to win the seasonal point score which drew to a climax on the final night between Macdonald and Rodney Pammenter.  Macdonald just edging out Pammenter with only 4 points separating the two.

Nathan then purchased his brothers VS Commodore which he campaigned all season, sold his VL Commodore.  Shane took the step up to the Modified Production ranks after obtaining another VS Commodore.

Come season 2005/2006, Nathan was ready and raring to go in his new found toy.  Nathan cracked open the throttle and enjoyed more success taking out 10 feature wins, as well as winning the QLD Title and the Charlton Raceway seasonal point score.  Nathan & Shane Macdonald teamed up at Brisbane International Speedway to compete in an endurance race using Nathan's car.  The race format saw one driver do the first 25 laps, then the cars come onto the infield and swap drivers.  The next driver to do another 25 laps.  If the car wasn't back out on the track within 2 minutes they would forfeit their position.  The starting positions for the second half of the race were the same as the finishing positions for the first half.  There were 18 cars competing in the race, and all names were put in a hat and drawn out to determine starting grid.  Sure enough the #32 car was dead last. 

Shane started off and made his way up to 2nd place by the end of his stint, a quick swap and Nathan jumped in to finish off the job, making his way to the lead and winning the 50 lap event.

2006/2007 was to be Nathan's final season in Sprint Sedans/A Grade.  Nathan ended up with 9 feature wins to his name, and won back to back QLD Titles.  Nathan also won the East Coast A Grade Australian Title for the first time in his career.  Macdonald travelled to Mackay for the North QLD Title and come back with the number one trophy in his hands, driving a hard fought 40 lap feature race. 

Nathan has sold his car which has found a new home up north.  Nathan is now looking to the future and will be building a brand new commodore to race in the Modified Production ranks, the same class which his brother Shane races. 



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