Macdonald Racing go LIVE at Title time!!
Tuesday April 24, 2012

Macdonald Racing will be trying something unique at Maryborough Speedway next weekend (9th & 10th June) for the QLD Modified Production Title, except it won't be performance enhancing, or anything on the race car for that matter. 

The team will be setting up a LIVE video feed from the back of the truck within the pits for the weekend, so that anyone can tune in and see what goes on behind that concrete wall.

This would not have been possible without the help of Jarred Ash from Ash Media. Nathan Macdonald approached Jarred about the idea & within a few days, Jarred had devised a plan. Providing there are no technical glitches along the way, we will have a camera setup to provide people at home, or those with a smart phone to tap in and watch online. Going by the test results, everything is looking good. Macdonald Racing will be one of only a few speedway teams that have ever tried this.

The Live feed can be found at this link -

We will notify everyone on the Macdonald Racing Facebook page of what time it will be turned on.
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